HP’s new line of attractive ergonomic mice

by Ally

When I hear about a mouse that actually features color, I usually cringe a little.  In my mind I’m picturing the usual pink all decked out with rhinestones.  It seems like no one wants to take the time to offer a mouse that features an attractive design for those that want a mouse in a color besides the boring black or the overly girly pink.  There have been a couple that have created interesting mice, but when they do have an elegant design it typically means they’re overpriced.  Thankfully HP featured a line of mice at CES that is not only attractive, but affordable.

They of course have the stereotypical bright pink mouse, it seems no one can resist making a pink mouse.  Yet along with pink there are different colors, like red, blue and purple.  Of course these are probably not going to appeal to men.  However, I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of women ready to buy a mouse, aimed more at them, that isn’t pink.  These will be available sometime this spring, and you can expect to see them priced somewhere between $29.99 on up to $39.99.

Source: ChipChick

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