CES: Day 2 – Sony and Polaroid going back to what they do best and bringing it digital

by James

Remember when SONY Walkman was THE player to have. The iPod of it’s day? Everyone had one with those thin headphones. You saw them everywhere from the gym to the jogging track. The Apple camera along with the iPod and ruined the party – sending SONY into the desert to roam aimlessly and figure out what to do next. Polaroid has faced a similar, but more dire crossroad called obsolescence as digital cameras have gnawed away at their instant print market share until the company was forced to abandon it completely and wait until technology has caught up. Well, a new day is dawning for both companies and their signature product lines as both embrace new technologies which will breathe new life into them.

SONY is set to announce a new touch screen MP3 digital WalkMan. The OLED display on the NWZ-X1000 has a stunningly sharp 3” screen, WiFi and noise cancelling headphones. It will come in both 16GB and 32GB models and although won’t be yet another “iPod killer” may breathe new life into the Walkman franchise.

Polaroid is embracing new technology as well with the announcement this week of a digital camera that has a built in printer to give that instant print experience back to the party set. The Poloroid PoGo’s printer will heat specially treated 2-by-3 inch paper which will then create an image within a minute. The print technology represents the next logical step from the Zink digital printer they released last year which would connect both cellphone and digital cameras, and provides a niche that Poloroid knows all too well – that instant, though slightly grainy and out of color print that parties are known for.

But will both companies see a return to the glory days or are they merely enjoying one last day in the technological sun? It seems that the market has moved on and rarely returns over the same road. But with new technological approaches changing how these two products did what they did, Sony and Polaroid could at least bring back what everyone liked about these products in the first place.

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