Tonium’s New Pacemaker Rocks at CES Unveiled

A few weeks ago, I received an email from someone who was telling me about a new Pacemaker on display at CES. Since I usually don’t report on medical-tech supplies, I ignored it. It was rather embarrassing when I found out at CES Unveiled that the Tonium Pacemaker has nothing to do with any surgical procedure, but it is a digital DJ System.

The demonstration of this device was quite impressive. The new improved Pacemaker has a 60GB to 120GB hard drive, which is good enough for storing fifteen to thirty thousand songs. You will definitely need that storage space as you can mix together new audio files from two different tracks.

The controls looked difficult at first, but the user can quickly adapt to them to put effects in his or her mixed tracks using a touch-sensitive circular controller and track switching buttons. The Pacemaker is somehow able to put two terrific tracks in sync so they mix to create something entirely awesome.

I have no idea if mixing digital tracks is popular, but I believe that the Pacemaker could easily start a new fad all over the world. To help begin this dawn of a new digital DJing age, the Pacemaker website has a blog and places for users to Publish and Share their new mixes.