The Interactive Duck Hunter Game

A good portion of us have played Duck Hunt on the NES at some point. It was fun at the time and has now grown to become a gaming classic that you can fondly look back upon. Well now for all those parents that complain their kids won’t leave their game consoles and computers behind, there’s this little toy. It’s inspired by the Duck Hunt game, although somehow I doubt it’s nearly as cool as the NES version used to be.

The concept of the game is to shoot the duck three times within thirty seconds. To get the duck to fly into the air, you hold the trigger for ten seconds to charge the duck. Then release it from the shooter and it flies into the air. If you shoot it those three times within the short amount of time, it will drop to the ground. It won’t be hitting the stores just yet, but you can expect to see it this spring for $29.99.

Source: Gearlog