Spider Web Maker


It does make me wonder sometimes – housewives hate the sight of cobwebs all over the house, especially those left behind by daddy long legs, and here we are with a gizmo that supposedly helps spiders spin more webs. Ah well, at least this is placed outdoors where spiders have better luck catching some insects in the tangled web that they weave.

All you need to do is stick the Spider Web Maker in your garden, sit back, and wait for one of your arachnid chums to finish their architectural delight. Marvel at the visual spectacle that is the spider’s web from your very own garden.

Unfortunately for the spider, you might get bored of their “work” once they’re done, and wipe the slate clean to get a new piece. I’d be bummed too if I were that particular spider, seeing somebody figuratively flush my sweat and blood down the water. At least each £7.99 purchase comes with an information booklet written by Natural History Museum scientists, providing more information on spiders and their webs.

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