IntelliScanner mini cubed unveiled at Macworld


IntelliScanner Corporation is no stranger to the scanner scene, having picked up numerous awards for its range of scanners and software that help organize a whole lot of stuff for busy executives. Macworld is the place where IntelliScanner decided to have its IntelliScanner mini cubed unveiled, and it comes packaged in a delectable metallic cube for easy storage. What makes the IntelliScanner mini cubed special is it offers personalized asset tags and new software features for managing home assets. More on the device right after the jump.

The IntelliScanner mini cubed might be small on price and size (it starts at just $179 – don’t balk at it yet until you hear me out), but it is big on performance. While that sounds extremely cliched, it is true – the IntelliScanner mini cubed comes with virtually everything you need to scan, organize, share and back up your collections and assets in a flash. According to Paul Scandariato, director of IntelliScanner, “Keeping track of your stuff for insurance records, sharing with friends or just for fun has never been easier. Starting at a breakthrough price of just $179, the new IntelliScanner mini cubed includes everything you need to scan, organize, share and back up your collections and assets instantly.”

Each purchase comes with a smart, highly portable barcode scanner coupled with equally innovative software to help you organize, search and share collections. Each time you scan the barcode with the IntelliScanner mini, the software will track home assets and valuables automatically, using special features to identify books, wine, comics, DVDs and groceries amongst others instantly. All users need to do is plug the scanner in to synchronize ala a digital camera, and the software will get to work, downloading details like the book title, CD track or wine vineyard into a database. The IntelliScanner mini cubed comes in a black and chrome finish and holds the distinction of being the smallest IntelliScanner ever, being roughly the same size of a car keyless remote.

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