The slow moving Strenco ST-2 Steam Robot

by Ally

It’s well known that geeks have their love for robots.  Whether it be loving to own/create them or talk about how they’re going to take over the world, we can’t get enough.  Well here’s one more cool robot for us to acquire.  This one doesn’t boast high speeds or any grand functions.  Just a slightly unconventional way of keeping it running.  It doesn’t use AA batteries or even a hand crank.  Instead it’s steam powered.

To get him up and running, just flip his head off and pour in some water.  Then light the miniature fire within his belly and presto you have a walking steam powered robot.  The robot is surprisingly loud and moves at the speed of a snail, with the exception to the motor attached to his back.  Which the motor itself is working plenty hard.  All movements are fairly small and never quick.  There is a video, but unless you truly want to fork out the cash for it, I wouldn’t watch it.  It’s extremely dull and you just keep waiting for the robot to start moving faster.  The Strenco ST-2 Steam Robot is limited edition, there are only about 300 out there.  You can pick him up for about $600.

Source: GeekyToys

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