The Beetle Car USB 4-port Hub

by Ally

It seems like I’ve been obsessed with owning a Beetle since birth and therefore love all things Beetle themed.  I’ve ran into several other like me and this USB hub is proof that there are plenty of us out there.  For the Beetle obsessed, this is just one more random Beetle inspired accessory to own.  Thankfully, there never seems to be a shortage of these quirky little extras.  Sadly these look more like the newer Beetles than the old.  Which even owning one of the newer Beetles, I still prefer the classic ones.  So this USB port gets a couple less points, but it’s still cute.

It’s probably going to appeal more to women than men, since it is kind of a girly car.  It comes with cute eyes painted onto its headlights that light up.  It also has a spot to insert business cards or just to hold your cellphone.  Which would make it plenty useful.  Each of the wheels is a hub to plug your USB gadgets into.  The 4-port hub comes in either white or red and can be purchased on Gadget4All for $12.50.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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