SKIGYM allows for skiing at home

Sadly, it has been over a decade since I have been skiing, but I can tell you that nothing wears you out more than a day on the slopes. Your legs will get a great workout, and this is just one reason why you should have a SKIGYM.

The other reason is that it is probably one of the best virtual skiing simulators that I have seen. The SKIGYM was developed from Pro-Idee in Germany with some help from sports specialists, ski instructors, and physical therapists. The balancing-control technology is similar to that of the WiiFit, but this SKIGYM isn’t available for a gaming console, but for the PC.

The software includes Alpine Ski Racing 2007, which has 32 different ski slopes including 18 real life ones like Lake Louise, Beaver Lake, and Chamonix. The user also has the option of setting difficultly levels from junior, amateur, and even professional, and can choose between from six different disciplines including slaloms and super G.

Clearly, there are some fitness advantages to skiing at home, and it comes with a set of ski-poles for added realism. I’m not certain how much of a workout you would get on the SKIGYM compared to a real day on the slopes. This type of exercise/gameplay costs, as it will cost about $2,280.