EMTEC to introduce the Gdium at CES 2009

by Mark R

We at Coolest Gadgets are very excited about CES 2009, and you, the reader, will be hearing a lot about it this week. Here’s a little sneak preview of one of the many products that will be on display: the Gdium from EMTEC.

The Gdium is a completely Open Source portable computer, and comes preloaded with applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, VoIP, a blog editor, video/audio player, and Open Office suite applications. A user who owns a Gdium has full access to a website designed just for him or her. This site has a social networking program as well as email devices, forums, and blogs.

The Gdium also has low energy usage with an MIPS-64 chip designed by ST Microelectronics, running on an optimized Mandriva Linux OS. In addition to this, it has a G-key which “allows users to store their data and apps on a USB flash drive and not have to save anything on the actual machine”.

The EMTEC Gdium has a 10 inch screen with a 1024×600 resolution, and measures small enough to be considered a “netbook”. There is no word when it will be available, but the price should be under $400. However, as I said before, you can see it at CES.


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