Comply NR-101 High Tech Noise Reduction Earphones


With strict laws being enforced in many countries around the world concerning the ban of cell phone usage while driving (unless you use a hands-free kit or a Bluetooth headset, of course), many people have already picked up either one solution although there are some who decide to take their chances in getting a ticket by flouting the law while keeping a sharp eye out for the men in uniform. We say you’d best make the switch, after all, how are you going to explain to a heartbroken family in your moment of carelessness on the phone while you’re behind the wheel and knock somebody down? Folks who own an iPhone have yet another option for a hands-free experience – this time round it is courtesy of Hearing Components’ new Comply NR-10i High Tech Noise Reduction Earphones.

The Comply NR-10i earphones were specially designed with iPhone owners in mind, and they will utilize the same patented technology used by U.S. Army helicopter crews and Special Forces – ensuring you get to benefit from amazing noise reduction, superior comfort and secure in-ear fit, and among the benefits derived are crystal clear conversations and music experiences despite wading along in noisy environments. These Comply Foam Tips that come packaged with the earphones offer superior noise reduction in both communications and music-listening situations. They are made from high-tech, viscoelastic polyurethane foam, and the tips themselves are able to conform to the individual shape of each ear canal without being an irritant when in place. The foam is able to create passive noise reduction by sending sound directly into the ear canal while sealing out unwanted noise.

In addition, the Comply NR-10i earphones comes with an integrated microphone/function switch on the earphone cord that enables users the option to receive and end calls as well as skip songs to one that they like at the touch of a button. You can pick up the Comply NR-10i earphones for $99.95 a pop.

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