Broan Elite XE Trash Compactor

by Mark R

Whenever I take out the trash, I find that I usually have too much garbage for my curbside can for the week. I don’t want to accrue more on my garbage bill by overstuffing it, and I am not allowed to compress it. There is even a sign on my curbside can that says “Do not Compress”, which is why I “push down” my trash every week.

However, if I had the Broan Elite XE Trash Compactor, my kitchen trash would be compacted at a ratio of 6 to 1 with 3,000 pounds of force. So not only would I fill my curbside can with a lesser volume of trash, but I would have to take out my trash a lot less. Each 1.5 cubic foot compacted trash bag holds as much as six 13-gallon bags of ordinary trash.

This Broan Elite trash compactors come with patented antimicrobial protection, which chemically reduces garbage odor and exposes a fresh odor-control element with a special disc that has to be changed every six months. It also has a swinging door for easy cleaning and bag-changing, complete with insulated and sealed doors.

So if everyone had a Broan Elite, all of our trash would take up a lot less room than it did before. Considering that every human being makes about 2 cubic feet of trash per day, we need something to make it easier on landfills. Broan, you are doing your part to save the planet.


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Andy S. Says: January 2, 2009 at 12:48 pm

Actually, most garbage trucks and other collection systems compact the trash when they pick it up, so regardless of whether you compact it yourself, it is ultimately compacted by the time it reaches the landfill. While a compactor may be more convenient for you, it isn’t doing anything for the environment that your waste collection agency isn’t already doing.

Also, unless there’s some technical difference that I’m unaware of, “compressing” trash and “compacting” trash are pretty much the same thing, and judging from the “do not compress” label on your garbage bin, it sounds like your collection agency would rather not have the garbage compacted, regardless of what you choose to call it. Odds are that you’re not doing them any favors.

If you really care about being environmentally-friendly, the better thing to do would be to re-examine how you’re producing so much waste in the first place, and find ways to reduce your garbage output.

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