The Limited Edition Headphonies

by Ally

I go back and forth on portable speakers, sometimes I make fun of them or rather the people that have them, other times I think they might be useful.  The problem I have with portable speakers are the people that play their music in public places and just expect everyone around them to deal with it.  If you’re one of the types that just wants music in a different area that it won’t bother anyone else, then you’re my favorite type of portable speaker user.  What’s nice about these little speakers is no matter which type user you are, you’ll love carrying these cute little guys around everywhere you go.

From the front they just look like cute little toys, but at the back of their head is where you will see the speaker itself.  The characters come in Mad Ape, Modern Hero, Anarchy, Ninja, Pink Bear, as well as one all white Headphonie and one all black.  Each one is three inches tall, and has a rechargeable battery that will work for up to four hours after a one hour charge.  These little guys are limited edition and some are already all sold out, you can pick up the ones that are left for $30 a piece.

Source: Technabob

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