Mini Wearable Air Purifier for your pet


There are those that really don’t feel the slightest need to pamper their pets.  They just let them do their own thing and feed them when necessary.  However, for the more committed bunch, you might want a gadget here or there to improve the life of your pet.  If you’re concerned about the air your pet breathes, now you can have a tiny gadget to solve even that problem.

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Folderix Flash Drives shaped like folders


Those poor yellow folders don’t seem to get nearly as much use now that you can do a great deal of your paperwork on the computer.  Sure, paper copies of things are still helpful, but those folders will never be used as much as before.  If you’re feeling a little sentimental and want to show that you remember the paper folder, now you can have a flash drive that’s shaped like one.

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Speaker Bot plays your MP3 player


Despite all of the conspiracy theories that robots will someday take over the world, you can’t help but love this robot.  He’s completely harmless, all he does is play your favorite music all day long.  He may have a permanently goofy expression on his face, but at least he has his uses.  Plus he’s made out of new and old parts, which means you’d be giving new use for old discarded electronics.

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Omnitread can get to places that we can’t

earthquake_californiaI’m not certain what it is, but there is a lot of cool robot stuff happening today. First the JO-ZERO, the Remo, and now the OmniTread.

The OmniTread isn’t a humanoid robot, and it isn’t a kit that you can special order just yet. The OmniTread is the work of some developers at the University of Michigan, and it is designed for some very rugged work.

As you can see in the video (after the jump), you will note that the design of the OmniTread resembles that of a train. The serpentine robot has treads on all four sides of its segments, and pneumatic bellows that can lift itself up like a caterpillar.

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Remo Humanoid Kit

rmo870343-thumb-359x550-30808I’m going to speak a little boldy and say that the Remo Humanoid Robot Kit wishes that it was the JO-ZERO. Of course, I had some video footage of JO-ZERO in action. I’m afraid all my source had was this still shot of the Remo standing upright.

In other words, I don’t know how the Remo moves, which is really what you should look for when you get yourself a robot kit. The Remo (which is short for “robot brain”) does have some “high quality CCD cameras for image processing” as well as “pressure sensors on its feet for balance”.

The Remo is also powered by lithium batteries or by a simple plugging into an outlet. That would probably give it a short leash, though. By the way, remote control is attainable via Bluetooth, which is something that JO-ZERO doesn’t have at this time.

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JO-ZERO could be in next Transformers movie, as himself

Have you ever noticed how jerky and clumsy most robots move? I mean, they don’t call that one dance “The Robot” for nothing. This is simply not the case with JO-ZERO (pronounced “Jay-Oh Zero”).

Himeji Softworks wanted to develop a robot that was “stylish, speedy, and human-like” and I believe that they have succeeded. If you don’t believe me, watch the video.

What you are seeing isn’t deleted footage from a Transformers movie, but actual film from the International Robotics Exhibition 2009. I mean, JO-ZERO is really busting a move on the dance floor (presumably a sheet of paper) as well as a battery of other tricks that would make most stiff-necked robots green with envy.

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Wavebox portable microwave oven


When the microwave oven was first released, it did change the way we live in many aspects. No longer do you need to wait for hours on end for something frozen to thaw, and heating food up takes but a couple of minutes under the high power setting. While there are certain quarters that claim eating microwaved food isn’t exactly the most healthy way to go, who wants to live forever anyways, right? After all, we’re all about convenience these days, and you don’t get any more convenient than popping in a TV dinner into your microwave whenever you’re home grouchy and hungry. Well, looks like the electrical world’s sliced bread has just gotten better with its “butter”, in the form of the Wavebox portable microwave oven.

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New thermometer line ready to see action


American Scientific Resources, better known as ASR for short, has just announced that they will be rolling out a new range of affordable yet revolutionary, 5-in-1 non-contact thermometers that were specially designed to meet the needs of consumers and healthcare workers globally. Instead of the usual glass-and-mercury combination, these new non-contact thermometers are a snap to use, where it is able to provide instant temperature reading that is accurate as well, while making kids (and some adults) more comfortable since they no longer need to have something probing their orifice – whether it is from the top or at the bottom. Too bad for the little ones, as I clearly remember be paedatrician offering me lollipops after taking my temperature as a form of goodwill.

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