Thanks to the WikiReader, I am the smartest person in the room.

ars_wikireader_arsI got a chance to try out the Wikireader that we reported on earlier, and I will have to say that I am now the know-it-all. I’ve become like Cliff Claven from Cheers, who seems to know all the useless facts in the universe, and comes off as amazingly annoying.

The Wikireader by Openmoko is a device with a tiny black-and-white screen that uses 2 AAA batteries that are included. It requires no internet connection as all the 3 million entries are inside.

There are no illustrations, and the touchscreen allows for scrolling. Scrolling up and down creates a blurry effect that makes it easy to lose your place. Find out after the jump how Cyber Monday got its name.

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Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle

1LDR2AA-2If you are a parent who likes to bike, then Zigo has figured out a way that you can take your kids on your trip with the Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle.

It is “the first mom or dad powered family transportation system”. It can be used as a carrier bike for one or two children, and has many modes that can convert to in just 30 seconds using the patented LeaderLink technology.

As you can see in the picture, it has a kangaroo pouch in front that is good enough for one or two children to ride in a three-wheeled vehicle. It also can convert into a stroller, a jogger, a regular bicycle, as well as a trailer.

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Dash Cam Dually films the inside and outside of the car

carcamdually-thumb-454x550-29175I have seen a lot of cameras that are made to record the action outside the car. I honestly can’t think of any reason to have one of these unless you happen to get in a lot of accidents, and you don’t want your insurance rates to go up any more than they already are.

The major difference between the Dash Cam Dually and regular car cameras is that you get two cameras. Most cameras only show the action outside of the car, but this one has a second camera to show the inside of the car.

In addition to these 1.3 Megapixel cameras, it also has four infrared LEDs to illuminate the inside of the video for proper filming. It also has a G-Shock sensor that displays five level settings that can record the impact points. So if you have an accident, it will record the impact, along with a GPS receiver to log the exact location, speed, and direction.

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Eko Stoplight gives countdown on red light


No one enjoys sitting at a stoplight.  As you sit there you get to contemplate all kinds of things.  Like wondering how much of your life has been wasted waiting on stoplights.  Then you notice you’ve been sitting there a good long while and begin to wonder if the light will ever change.  Then comes the agitation and impatience.  Well instead of wondering how long you’ll be at that ridiculous light, you could know exactly how much time you have left if only your city would install these Eko Stoplights.

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Monster Monster Laptop Stand gives your laptop crab legs


If you enjoyed the scene in Transformers where all of the gadgets come alive, then you’ll probably get a kick out of this laptop stand.  It doesn’t actually make your laptop come to life and try to walk away, but it sure looks that way.  With this on your desk it’ll make your laptop look as if it’s going to dart out of the room at any given moment.

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ESPN Better Batter has automatic reload and baseball sound effects


Teaching your kids to hit a baseball is a bit of a trying task.  Of course, that’s partially because you’re handing your child a bat that probably will at some point hit you instead of the ball.  Plus normally you’re using a tee to teach them.  Once they hit the ball you usually have to pick up the tee and go find the baseball.  With this Fisher-Price product it would at least solve the problems you’d normally have with a normal tee.  Besides wearing full body armor though, there’s no quick fix to keep your child from injuring you.

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