Verizon Wireless teams up with Gateway


Verizon Wireless has decided to partner Gateway to bring the latest Gateway LT2016u netbook to the masses, where this little netbook that could will feature an integrated Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband service so that you won’t need to rely on Wi-Fi hotspots in the big bad world out there each time you visit a different place for work (or leisure), as long as there is a decent 3G signal within Verizon’s network coverage areas, you’re able to surf and stay connected to the Internet. Available from October 4th onwards, the Gateway LT2016u is no slouch when it comes to computing capability, featuring enough processing muscle to offer decent performance for e-mail management, checking out social networking sites and blogs, Web site browsing as well as uploading videos to your favorite video sharing sites.

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Vook combines reading, video, and social networking

vookVook? What is a vook? Is a vook a book? I would like to look at a book that is a vook. I could look at vid on a vook, and tap into my FaceBook.

That is the Dr. Seuss description of this product. The vook, or virtual book, is designed by Simon and Schuster’s publishing house, and allows you to read a book, then watch video about the book, and uplink to Facebook so you can talk about it.

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AverMedia AVerVision 355AF portable interactive document camera

avermedia-355afAverMedia’s latest AVerVision 355AF portable interactive document camera ought to come in handy if you happen to work in an office that requires you to scan a whole lot of documents day in, day out, through various rooms and areas across different floors. Having a dedicated scanner in one place won’t be that effective then, would it? The AVerVision 355AF portable interactive document camera will offer a greater amount of flexibility, where it will feature a mechanical arm display device that boasts a full 1080p High Definition output as well as a 5-megapixel camera head that will bring first in class clarity and image quality. In addition, the 355AF holds the distinction of being the first document camera that is able to offer one touch video and audio recording straight onto a USB flash drive, doing away with the traditional middleman whose role is often fulfilled by a PC. Apart from that, you can also take down videos with audio thanks to the on-board microphone in a similar manner, making it ideal to create podcasts on-the-fly.

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Punch Camera responds to senseless beatings


Now here’s a camera that is way better than any of the other types of cameras that give you instant pictures.  Polaroids are cool and all and digitals are convenient, but this tops them all.  With this you get your pictures instantly, plus you get to let out all that pent up aggression.  No more just holding it all back and pretending to be chipper all the time.  Now you have a valid excuse to beat the snot out of something.

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ClampLight makes working with your hands easier


I’ve discovered I seem to have a thing for odd flashlights that make things easier.  Perhaps it’s just that I really hate having to work on anything in the dark and I know I’m not the only one.  Well this ClampLight has the ability to be used just like your everyday flashlight, which is a must.  Then to top things off, it allows for you to have hands-free lighting when you really need it.  Be it to work on something or just using it while you’re out camping so you can read a book at night.

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Brondell Perfect Flush conserves water


It’s not uncommon in some areas for people to be choosy about when they flush.  Well for those of us that are in areas where water hasn’t gotten quite so scarce, such a habit almost seems archaic and just plain gross.  It’s not that we don’t believe it’s necessary, but sometimes old habits are hard to kick.  Well instead of completely converting to flushing less often, you could give this gadget a try.  As far as water conservation goes, it’s kind of a happy medium.  It has two different choices as far as the type of flush you’d like to use.

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Sharper Image’s Rotating Speaker System for iPod and iPhone

Rotating Speaker SystemWhile I was at CES last January, I had a chance to view The Sharper Image’s new product line for their comeback for the fall, and the Rotating Speaker System was one of them.

Contrary to what its name implies, the Rotating Speaker System is not designed as an apparatus that spins your speakers, but is a speaker system for the iPod or iPhone.

So what does rotating have to do with it? Well, let’s say you have an iPhone, and you want to watch a movie on it. At the touch of a button, the Rotating Speaker System will turn the iPhone ninety degrees on its side so you can watch it in the proper format.

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