Nokia 6788 announced


Nokia might be looking at its smartphone share in the US being eaten up like nobody’s business no thanks to its rivals from a variety of manufacturers who have come up with a much cleaner user interface and seamless ease-of-use. Still, that doesn’t mean this cellphone manufacturing giant is going to give up that easily elsewhere in the world. The Finnish company aims to strengthen its grip in the China market by announcing its first device for TD-SCDMA – China’s domestic 3G standard, simply known as the Nokia 6788. The Nokia 6788 is the result of close collaboration between Nokia and the world’s largest mobile phone operator, China Mobile. After all, in a country where there is more than a billion people will definitely offer an extremely lucrative potential market, no?

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Heated Mattress Pad claims to be the best around


Now that the weather is getting much colder for most of us, it’s time to start preparing for those long cold nights.  Well instead of crawling in between some icy bed sheets, you can have it all heated up and ready for you.  This mattress pad is claimed to be the best heated one out there and from looking over the features, it just might be exactly that.

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Convert tapes to MP3s with ION Audio Tape Express

tape_expressWhen I was young, I invested a penny in that whole “twelve cassettes for a penny” offer. (I actually spent more than a penny on that, by the way, but I’m sure you already know that.) I’m pretty sure that they probably don’t do that deal anymore, unless iTunes has some sort of thing like that. However, I still have the cassettes.

Actually, my mother has those cassettes, because she’s probably the only person in this millennium that I know that still listens to that format of music. It might take a while before she gets into digital format, but I am ready for that day with the ION Audio Tape Express.

All a user needs to do is connect the Tape Express to the PC via USB, and allow the EZ tape converter software to turn that tape into an MP3 in hardly any time at all.

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Anti-Gravity Treadmill helps the injured and the elderly


Treadmills and I don’t exactly get along and I imagine I’m not the only one that detests them.  My hatred started after a back injury, the jarring steps you take on a treadmill hurt far more than they help when you’re injured.  Well if my gym had one of these treadmills I wouldn’t have had that problem.  This Anti-Gravity Treadmill makes it feel as if you’re jogging in zero gravity.  That makes it ideal for anyone with an injury that keeps them from jogging.

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The iHome iPod Docks get a Barbie theme


Instead of coming out with tons of fancy new models to add to their iHome collection, iHome is just adding a new finish for their old players.  This one to make their various iPod docks appeal to a much younger crowd.  Also a much younger very female bunch.  The ones that still love those tiny plastic Barbie shoes and find Ken’s bright white smile to be absolutely dreamy.  Thankfully they come in a range of sizes and prices to appeal to any parent’s budget.

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Basalte comes out with the fancy Mona Light Switch


Light switches have had the same boring design for many years.  The only way it can be changed up is typically to add a decorative light switch cover and usually those look incredibly cheesy.  Which means it’s best to just attempt to make the switch blend in with its surroundings.  Well now you have another option and yes, it is actually something that’s available for purchase.

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Two new products based on the Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks CubesAh, Rubiks’ Cube, you just won’t die. Ever since your flash in the pan fad heyday in the early eighties, you still have a little glow left even today.

Perhaps this is why some designer made a Rubik’s Lamp. It is made of 26 smaller cube-like pieces that somehow fit together. The end result is some sort of multi-colored lighting experience that will only be un-trippy if you solve the puzzle.

The next Rubik’s Cube is tied into a franchise. I suppose that you could make a Rubik’s Cube out of anything with some stickers, and that is what was done with this special edition Transformers AllSpark.

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