The Bloom Flower Lamp


Clip-on lights rarely look even remotely stylish.  The usual look is a clunky black plastic lamp, but if you’re tired of that type, you can always pick up this lamp.  Since it does come in a great range of colors, the brighter colors will probably appeal to one bunch, while the neutral color will probably appeal to those that prefer their novelty lighting to be at least a little understated.  Of course both groups out of that are likely to be female, this isn’t your typical lamp  that would draw in the guys.

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Sony DPF-D72N/BQ gets shiny for the holidays


Sony will soon be releasing a digital photo frame that will definitely appeal to those of you that enjoy your bedazzled gadgets.  Likely, most of the ones that enjoy this type of thing are going to be females too, since it does have  a slightly feminine look to it.  The photo frame has embedded Crystalized Swarvoski Elements, so it’s an affordable bedazzling.  Which in this economy is always a bonus, even if you’re not hurting too badly for cash.

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Flatbed Scanner disguised as book


Gadgets typically look like, well, gadgets.  They look shiny, new and a combination of plastic and metal.  Being someone that not only adores old looking technology (almost antique in appearance), but your older than average books as well, sometimes I get tired of the same old technology day in and day out.  Well apparently I’m not the only one, because one person decided that their scanner needed to blend in a little more properly within their home.  Now that they finished their mod, it just appears that they always have the same old book laying out on their desk.

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Bugatti Vera Kettle doesn’t come cheap


I have rituals when it comes to my tea that are so set in stone that it’s dangerous to go mixing them up.  However, the things I do have to make the tea aren’t anything special.  They’re just your average low cost items, they just happen to be ones I like.  As much as I love my tea, I really don’t feel the need to spend a ridiculous amount on it.  However, if you love having the top of the line items, this Bugatti Vera Kettle will help you make your tea in style.

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ViewSonic introduces new devices


Mention ViewSonic and most of the time you would probably think about LCD monitors, but this time round they have released two devices for the masses – the smallest DLP projector from the company to date known as the PJD2121, while the WPG-350 wireless presentation gateway offers a solution for meeting rooms that won’t break the company budget. These devices are able to offer decent performance and capabilities despite their small size, making them suitable for those who do not want to be limited by projection technology in their line of work.

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Jakks Pacific unveils new products for 2009


Jakks Pacific, the brains behind the Plug-It-In-and-Play TV Games category that made a splash in early 2002, has furthered their trend of innovative products with its new and improved EyeClops Night Vision 2.0 Goggles, the super small handheld EyeClops Mini Projector and a whole new lineup of TV Games products that follows the current trend that the Wii started – by incorporating accelerometer-driven motion technology without breaking the bank. We’ll look at each of these in greater detail right after the jump.

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Digital Video Memo Fridge Magnet


Although this fridge magnet surely has some practical purpose, I can’t help but be creeped out by the sappy way it’s depicted by the manufacturer.  They’re of course pitching it as a way to leave sweet loving messages for your significant other.  One so sappy that it will surely make any kids that might be in the house, likely lose their appetite before they can even manage to get what they originally wanted out of the fridge.

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