Recycled Fishcer Turntable Clock


If you have a thing for old turntables, but at the same time don’t really have a use for one, it seems silly to keep a real turntable around.  Well instead of keeping one around purely because you like the look of them, you could purchase this clock.  It’s made out of an old turntable, so you get that classic look, but it’s still functional.  Plus you can hang it on the wall and you haven’t lost any space on a table top within your home.

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bucketvacIf you’re like me, then you always have a five gallon bucket in your garage or shed. You may not even know where you got it from or how old it is. You don’t know what was even in it in the first place. It might have been oil or paint, but the label has long since worn off.

Those five gallon buckets are useful for all kinds of jobs like something to put pulled-out weeds in, and such. Some innovator has figured out another use with the BucketVac.

The BucketVac is a very simple concept whose name says it all: a shop-vac attachment that easily fits on the top of any 5-gallon bucket. Just snap it into place, and you have something to clean up any wet or dry spills.

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Cerevo’s New Camera Uploads Pictures to Social Media Sites

cerevo_cnet_2If there is one thing that I cannot stand about taking pictures, it is the time-consuming process of uploading them to social media sites. Lately, I have been doing a lot of video footage, and YouTube’s upload system, simple as it is, seems like a middleman just waiting to be eliminated.

Camera companies have been responding to this consumer needs with supposed “YouTube” ready features, but this is not enough. Social media addicts are demanding that their pictures be uploaded to their Facebook and MySpace sites through the camera itself.

This was the subject of a presentation by Cerevo at the CNET Japan Innovation Conference 2009. The company Cerevo plans to release the CerevoCam, a camera with Wi-Fi and 3G, designed so that photos can be easily put on their photo sharing site known as CerevoLife.

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Game Gun available for pre-order

gamegun-vid-new-1-1Those of you that love the FPS shooter games will fall even more in love with them with the Wireless Game Gun. As you can see by the You Tube video after the jump, someone has finally perfected a way of putting a screen on a motion controlled controller that resembles a military machine gun.

That someone is an engineer and inventor who is known all across the tech and gadget blogosphere as The Redneck Techie. The video shows him moving around the room and stalking in some “classic Tom Clancy” style with this unique gaming peripheral.

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Brunton’s Flip-N-Drip Coffee Maker for campers


Camping season for most is coming to a close, but if you camp all year round, this is one item you’ll benefit from.  Having a hot cup of coffee when it’s not so warm outside is always a good idea.  Yes, it might make you appear as if you aren’t exactly roughing it, but it’s nice to have at least a couple of things to make camping a little more convenient.  This Brunton Flip-N-Drip isn’t overly large either, it’s only the size of a thermos.

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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player


Mention MP3 players and the iPod will definitely come into your mind. While other players in the market have tried to dislodge the iPod from its lofty perch through numerous efforts, it is safe to say that they are far from succeeding, but that doesn’t mean that SanDisk will give up the fight just like that. No sir, SanDisk, being the global leader in flash memory cards, has just announced that they will be releasing their latest MP3 player – the Sansa Clip+ MP3 player. This model will feature a microSD memory card slot, virtually allowing you to store plenty of albums on individual microSD cards that makes for easy categorizing. After all, file transfer is a snap using the standard drag-and-drop method.

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Seagate and MusicSkins offer Pimp My Drive initiative

musicskinsSeagate has long known to be one of those major hard drive companies as well as a leading storage solutions, and this time they’re back by partnering with MusicSkins LLC, to offer a touch of personal flair to their FreeAgent Go and FreeAgent Go for Mac external hard drives. The result of their collaboration has resulted in a wide range of skins that are garnered from a huge back catalog of licensed creative or customized designs, helping spruce up your FreeAgent drive with a variety of color, size and capacity options that make really personal, ensuring that it would be pretty rare to see a couple of new FreeAgent drives looking the same (unless you can’t be bothered to dress it up, of course).

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