AT&T offers Samsung Solstice

samsung-solsticeAT&T has teamed up with Samsung Telecommunications America (aka Samsung Mobile) to bring the Samsung Solstice to US shores when August 2 rolls around. While the Solstice is no iPhone, that doesn’t mean it does not deserve its five minutes of fame, where this compact and seemingly fun touchscreen handset will open up a door of instant connectivity to social networking, messaging and multimedia features. Packaged in an easy-to-use, polished design, the Samsung Solstice is lightweight and sleek, making it look like a decent phone for your teens, although they might beg to differ and hanker after an iPhone just like the millions of other folks around the world. More on the Samsung Solstice’s specifications right after the jump.

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The Undercover Laptop Sleeve disguises your laptop


When the MacBook Air came out, there were several laptop sleeves that looked like nice tidy envelopes to store your MacBook within.  All of course imitating the tidy envelope Steve Jobs originally pulled the Air out of.  Well instead of going with something as clean and obvious as that, perhaps you could protect your laptop with something a little more on the subtle side.  With this it will just look like an old tattered envelope and might keep people from stealing your laptop.

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Taser Shockwave Inflicts a Wall of Hurt

tasershockwave3-thumb-550x320-21601Just recently, we reported on the Taser X3, a semi-automatic taser that can fire three rounds. Some of you may recall the testing video when shooter exclaims: “Taser! Taser! Taser!” and then fires three shock-shots from his Taser.

Of course, you ever encounter the Taser Shockwave, the last words you could hear is “Taser! Taser! Taser! Taser…” Well, you get the idea. The Taser Shockwave is just one big wall of hurt, isn’t it?

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Mechanical Timer with LED Light


For those of you that always enjoy checking out the strange novelty lights, here’s one more.  This one is meant for your kitchen itself and uses an odd method to power the small ambient glow that it gives off.  It won’t stay on all the time, purely when the timer itself is on.  So it’s not something you could leave on at night next to the fridge to make it easier to sneak a midnight snack.

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Robot Deliveries of the Future

urban_moleAs city streets grow more and more crowded, it is more difficult for delivery trucks to get through them. The solution is to deliver the packages through the sewers.

Yes, that network of tunnels designed to move human waste from our homes could be used to bring packages to our homes. All of this is possible with the proper application of robots.

Some researchers are working on inventing the Urban Mole. Instead of digging through the dirt, the Urban Mole is designed to carry packages such as signed documents, groceries, and orders. Of course, there are limits, and my source has said it can probably deliver nothing bigger than a shoebox.

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The Suntrica SolarStrap


The advantages of having a small solar panel are endless.  I know mine has saved my rear on numerous occasions. However, even though mine is one of the smaller ones out there and it collapses to an even smaller size, it’s still just a little too big.  I don’t like to have a lot of heavy items weighing down my purse and it does exactly that.  Something as small as a luggage tag and just as flexible would make things a lot easier.  Especially for the guys, at least I can stash my clunky solar charger in my purse.  There’s no way a guy could carry it in his pocket.  With this, it could easily slip into a larger sized pocket.

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The Kitchen Timer Retro Wall Clock


Here’s a kitchen gadget for those that enjoy retro designs and don’t have a whole lot of counter space.  It may not do any fancy tricks, but it keeps things simple and takes away the need to have an extra timer laying out on the counter.  This would be especially great for those that feel like they need multiple timers whenever they cook, which on occasion I have had to deal with that myself.  Having one timer on the oven just doesn’t always cut it.

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