NES Controller turned into iPhone 3GB Dock


Although normally gadget DIY projects are incredibly complicated and most people couldn’t dream of pulling it off, this is one that just about anyone could pull off.  That is provided you have the proper tools, probably a Dremel would be the best tool for this one.  If you already have an old NES controller and the Dremel this would be an incredibly affordable dock.  Which is nice since most Apple affiliated accessories tend to be a little bit expensive.

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The USB Fan & Thermo Clock


If you are dealing with having a desk in an area that you have to share the air conditioning, you’ve probably had the fight over the temperature.  Everyone has their ideal point, whether you prefer things really cold, at an average temperature or just can’t handle the cold.  Well if you’re one that is never quite cool enough at your desk, you could probably use something extra to cool things down.  This fan may not be very big, but it could take the edge off enough to make things a little more tolerable.

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Solar Vest isn’t fashionable but charges gadgets


This vest is probably not something you would wear if you’re even remotely worried about fashion.  However, if you really just couldn’t possibly care any less, it would be useful.  It is a solar vest, which would be blatantly obvious to anyone around you, purely due to the giant bold white lettering that states “SOLAR VEST”.  That was kind of them to add that, just in case anyone should get confused.

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Warn PullzAll

pullzall-1When I first saw the Warn PullzAll, I thought that it was another version of the Rescue Reel. It would appear that the PullzAll doesn’t look like it was made for rappelling down buildings, but it could be used that way. In fact, it could be used for climbing up things.

As it is, the PullzAll can lift or pull 450 kg (1000 pounds) with a variable speed motor. According to the PullzAll web site, this is the ideal tool for anyone who needs something heavy moved such as “construction, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment and plant maintenance, farm and ranch use, auto shops, garages, machine shops, home improvement, hunting, camping, and more”.

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Silverlit Heli-Mission

helimissionThis next product is for those who had those Stephen J. Channel TV-action dreams in the early eighties. I’m talking about The A-Team, The Greatest American Hero, even 21 Jump Street. The Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT truck is a fully functioning RC car with a bonus inside.

Not only is this SWAT truck feature bells and whistles of sirens, but the roof opens up to reveal a helicopter inside. There is a launch platform that rises, and the chopper takes to the air!

One can only assume that the helicopter is as remote controlled as the truck itself. However, if you notice the YouTube clip after the jump, there doesn’t appear to be any footage of the helicopter landing back in the SWAT truck. You should definitely watch the clip anyway, for the music alone. You got to love those 80s action flick music.

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Spaceport America is coming soon

spaceport-americaSometimes I forget what an age of science fiction that we live in. Virgin Galactic has just recently broke ground on Spaceport America, the very first commercial space sport.

Spaceport America is going to be built in New Mexico, and this 110,000 square foot facility is designed by Foster and Partners. The runway is 10,000 feet long and 200 feet wide. It will cost about $200 million to complete, and should be done by 2011.

So it should be two years before the average person will be able to fly into space as a tourist. By “average person”, I mean anyone who has $200,000 to spare. Yeah, I didn’t think this whole tourist space travel thing would be cheap, either.

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Michael Jackson Flash Drive

mj-2_jpgI don’t believe that it has taken me this long to mention the death of a certain king of pop on this site. I guess I am still coping. All child-molesting charges aside, Michael Jackson was a musical icon and had a lot of talent.

I suppose the height of his popularity was the 1982 Thriller album. Every song on that album was in the top ten, and the album itself sold more than any of its time.

You might think this deal is some sort of sick marketing ploy to make some money after the death of a huge pop icon. I don’t think this was ever the reason why this 2GB USB drive was made, as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of Thriller, which would have been in 2007, not this year.

However, the timing feels a little weird, as the demand for MJ’s work is clearly going to spike. Yet who wouldn’t want Michael Jackson’s 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, which has the nine original hit songs, eight bonus tracks, and some video clips. Hopefully the video clips include the videos for Beat It, Billie Jean, and the long version of Thriller.

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Bug-powered LED Clock

flypaperup-thumb-500x375-20007We have covered a lot of clocks in the past. Some of them are solar powered, some run on water, but this is the first time that I have ever seen bug power.

That’s right, someone has actually invented a carnivorous alarm clock that works like a Venus Fly Trap. It works with a conveyor belt of flypaper that takes a captured fly and drops them into a microbial fuel cell. This dead bug is digested by bacteria, then there is a chemical change that can somehow power the clock.

I’m surprised that I haven’t heard about bug power before, as roach motels could be turned into batteries and hanging flypaper could be turned into chandeliers. Right now, I am living in a place that is full of flies, and I could use a device like this.

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