The Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio


This Darth Vader clock was cool and all, but it’s not nearly as ominous as this new clock that will be coming out soon from Sakara.  Nothing will scare you out of the bed quite as quickly as turning over to find Darth Vader staring back at you.  It helps a bit that there are numbers that glow in his eyes, therefore it’s quite clear that this is a clock.  Hopefully you don’t get startled too badly and bash the clock to death with your toy lightsaber though.

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The Jewel Apple Necklace USB Drive


This apple very much reminds me of something you’d find on the neck of a realtor, teacher or elderly secretary.  Making it a flash drive that’s likely to appeal to the older crowd, which is definitely not a bad thing.  It’s probably not going to be something you find on the neck of a 20-something.  For the older ladies though, this apple conveniently hides away a flash drive.  It does so in a way that it’s unlikely that the drive would slip out of the necklace on accident for some reason.

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LumiGram Bed Cover

luminexThis next product is for those who want one of those “sexy” bedrooms. You know, the type with the silk sheets, the bearskin rugs and the tiger and leopard print blankets.

Yeah, the Luminex Fiber Optic Bed Covers would make a lovely edition to a “love bedroom”. Who wouldn’t be dazzled by bed covers that glow in the dark? Now all that is missing is the Barry White music. “Ooh baby baby, your love’s so good it makes the sheets glow”.

The glow effect is produced by fiber optics sewn directly into the covers themselves, and it has to be plugged into the wall for power. In case you are wondering, this doesn’t work as an electric blanket in the sense that it raises the temperature.

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New GE Breakthrough: 100 DVDs on 1 Disc!

bd-dvd-hybridOkay, here’s a quick question: how many DVDs do you own? If you have less than 100, then there is now a way to put them all onto one disc.

It would appear that General Electric is the one who is responsible for this technological breakthrough. The company who has been “bringing good things to life” have used holograms to make this good thing a reality.

This could eventually lead to micro-holographic players that could play CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and these cool holographic discs. These discs could hold 500 GB of memory, and it is possible to produce these holographic discs at 10 cents per gigabyte. That is a lot cheaper than the $1 a gigabyte for a 25 gigabyte disc.

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Spread Tweet: An Excel-ed Twitter

spreadtweeterI almost feel bad for reporting on this next product, as it is one of those that encourages a double-life. This is for all of those people out there who are addicted to Twitter, but have bosses who don’t approve of any personal use of computers on “company time”.

Yeah, as if any company can own time! On second thought, I highly endorse this product, because I know what it is like to work for “The Man”. The last time I was working for “The Man”, twitter hadn’t been invented yet, but I’m certain that he would have never let me do that.

However, if I had Spread Tweet, my Twitter life would appear on my monitor like an ordinary spreadsheet. As long as my boss didn’t look too closely, then he or she would be none the wiser.

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iTies conceal a secret pocket underneath


Guys are stuck wearing ties and frankly they’re a pointless accessory.  They just look uncomfortable and they just sort of hang there.  Chicks all the time have the perk of hiding small amounts of cash in their bra, but guys are stuck using boring pockets designated for that sort of thing.  Well now you can have an extra hidden pocket behind your tie.  It’s specifically made for small MP3 players like the iPod Nano, but it could be used for plenty more than that.  Hopefully an iPod wouldn’t put too much weight on your neck though.

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Epson back with new Ensemble HD Home Cinema System


Epson’s got a soft spot for home theater systems, and they have just come up with yet another option for those who are thinking about getting one for their respective homes. The Ensemble HD Home Cinema System is now available to the masses, featuring a selection of projectors for you to choose from in order to fit into most budgets. A couple of the projectors in question are the PowerLite Home Cinema 6100 and Home Cinema 6500 UB. We suppose that once you have the Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System installed in your pad, you will find very little excuse to go out once you’ve returned home from work. After all, you might as well take advantage of all the technology on offer before it gets obsolete, right?

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Ennova Direct releases newfangled USB flash drive with OLED display

ennova-directJust take a look at your everyday USB flash drive and see whether there is anything outstanding or not. We thought that the level of progress has stopped when it came to retractable USB connectors (so that you don’t run the risk of losing the cap, of course), along comes Ennova Direct Corporation (DBA ION Technologies) who has just announced to the whole wide world its latest USB flash drive that boasts an OLED display. Great, even USB flash drives now can show off additional information on its content (and we don’t mean just the amount of space left inside), courtesy of US patent number 7,462,044. As if having n OLED display on it is not special enough, we also know that the built-in cover helps keep your OLED display in pristine condition always while featuring an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner which adds to the security level on the USB flash drive. Not only that, the OLED display will change color to indicate the success or failure of a match of the user’s stored fingerprint, while doubling up as an interactive interface which enables the user to select specific files and initiate specific functions.

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