The Credit Card Calculator

by Ally

It used to be that I’d see the occasional female wallet with a built-in calculator.  I haven’t seen one lately, but I’m sure there are still are some around.  Having a calculator in your wallet can come in handy if you’re trying to keep a tight budget.  Plus, if you are on a tight budget this calculator is luckily very cheap.  I’m sure many have a calculator function within their phone, but there is always that person that decides to call when you’re busy using it.  With this it’s as small as a credit card, so it will easily fit into either a male or female wallet.

Since guys need something smaller than women do, this would be especially nice for them.  It’s of course solar powered like most calculators are and has the regular setup all around of a typical calculator.  It also appears to come with a slim case to keep it in, but of course you probably wouldn’t really need that.  Especially since wallets are packed full of spots to hold cards of all kinds.  You can pick it up for $6 on PureModern.

Source: Bltd

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