The Wheel USB Hub

by Ally

If your USB gadgets have been stacking up, you might be getting to the point you need a USB hub.  At some point we all end up needing one.  It might even be that you still have room on your computer to plug in more USB gadgets, however, sometimes it’s just easier to have a hub on the top of your desk.  It means you don’t have to hunt around, sometimes at the back of the computer to find an available USB port to plug into.

Well this USB hub isn’t a novelty one that will show off your geeky side by being some Star Wars themed hub.  However, it’s small and has a convenient layout to make sure that your USB gadgets will be able to be powered up.  It comes with four USB ports and has a data transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps.    The small design of the USB hub would make it ideal for travel, you could always have one for your desktop PC as well as one to toss into your laptop bag.  Which would be easy to do since these are being sold for only $8 on Sourcing Map.

Source: TechChee

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