Kooky 2GB USB Drive

by Ally

Many of you might remember the Kooky Klicker pens, which I somehow missed.  Well now they are being turning into Kooky USB Drives.  They are far from compact, but at least they’re cute.  They’d be great for any grade school kids that might need something small like this to store files on for school.  It also would be great for any adult that’s not quite ready to change over all of their items into a dull grown up style.

These don’t hold much, just 2GB, but it’d be enough for the younger crowd.  It could also handle the smaller jobs you might have in store for it.  Really, these look about like a toy you’d get out of a cereal box, or one that you have to fill out a piece of paper and send in a few dollars to get it sent to you.  I’m sure if they did sell them that way they’d get plenty of customers.  However, as it is, this is currently headed for Office Depot.  When they do become available the 2GB drive will be sold for $14.99.

Source: ChipChick

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