GiiNii International to unveil new products at CES 2009

CES 2009 is upon us yet again – has it been a year already? Time certainly flies by too fast for our own good. GiiNii International has a fair number of devices in their lineup that will make their debut in Las Vegas, Nevada, slightly over a week from now. The offerings in question are :-

  • PixPlus – A new line of 10″ Wi-Fi–enabled digital picture frames that also are powerful information and entertainment companions, delivering location-relevant online content to any room unlike any other digital frames on the market
  • PixPlus Featuring FrameChannel – Streams content from more than 500 channels
  • PixPlus Source – Streams content from
  • C-U-C-Me digital camera feature – Patent-pending technology lets everyone in the picture see how the photo will look as it’s being taken. With GiiNii’s new reflective image feature, people in the picture can see what the lens sees. This innovative feature is on most of GiiNii’s new line of Clicka digital cameras
  • Clearview HDTVs For The Other Room – A line of innovative high-definition televisions that perform double duty as super-sized digital picture frames
  • Movit Mini – A portable social networking and communications device that features the Skype application, so it’s ready to use with any Wi-Fi network
  • Wireless carrier- independent, it sports a huge, 4.3″ touch-screen and plays music and videos

Sounds like they’re pretty utilitarian gizmos to take a gander at. I’m sure our hardworking staff at CG will check these out on the showfloor, once we’re fed with enough pizza and good beer.

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