The Mr. Robot Head Game helps with hand-eye coordination

by Ally

If you’re looking to help develop your kids hand-eye coordination, this Mr. Robot Head would do a great job with it.  It comes from Think Geek and is meant for kids ages 4 and on up.  It’s basically a robotic twist to the Operation games.  Same concept, trying to be careful and not sound the buzzer.  It just has a slightly different object to the game.  The nice extra is that you’ll never have to put batteries into this guy.  He has other methods to power himself up.

Just crank the handle on the back of the robot and he’ll be powered up and ready to go.  The object of the game is to get the handle from one end of the wire to the other without actually touching the wire.  If you touch the wire the LED robot eyes will start to flash and the head will then make strange noises.  All in all the game is endlessly frustrating and will keep the kids busy.  It will cost you $28.99 for this 9” square.

Source: Geeky-toys

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