The K-Metal Man Contemperary Low Voltage Kable Lite Head

by Ally

If you’re looking for a light that will turn a few heads, this would do the trick.  Technically, it’s not a light, it is actually just the thing that holds the light.  Although the seller does thankfully suggest several different lights that would work great with this little man.  He will hold your light steady while balancing on two thin wires.  It will hold a low voltage lamp that although it won’t produce a ton of light, it might work well as a dim reading light.

Since it is such a dim light, it would be less likely to disturb others that might be trying to sleep.  The light comes in three sizes and four styles.  One of those styles being a female version.  All of which feature a ground aluminum finish.  Although the lamp isn’t included, the system mounting bracket/Kable Lite mounting feet are included.  Once you get the low voltage lamp, the little man is bendable and so is the wire that is attached to the lamp.  Which means you can get him at the perfect angle to suit your lighting needs.  He is a bit expensive, especially considering you’ll have to spend at least $30 more to get the lamp itself.  You can pick him up for $216.

Source: NerdApproved

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