Pogo Sketch

The digital pen market hasn’t really peaked as yet, as the translation from writing with the pen to digital text has never really been smooth. Ten One Design has created the Pogo Sketch stylus, which isn’t really a digital pen per se, but is designed to be used with touch screen devices.

The Pogo Sketch seems to favor the Mac products, and the company claims that it is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. It also works well on the big trackpads that are on MacBooks.

Another use for the Pogo Sketch is a little help when it comes to touch-sensitivity. Think about situations when you take out your touch-sensitive device in cold weather, and you have to use it with gloves on. Rather than removing your gloves to expose your hands to the cold, the Pogo Sketch will give you an extra edge for touch-sensitive work, and will also keep the screen free and clear of smudge-prints.

The company also stresses that the Pogo Sketch is a low-priced alternative to electronic tablets like the ones made from Wacom. Sure, you could use a professional drawing tablet, but why spend all that money when you can purchase this low-priced pen? And when I say low price, I’m talking about $14.95.