Panasonic looks to introduce high-security electronic whiteboards

Every office should have at least one of these in a meeting room – the old standby known as a whiteboard, and more often than not they come equipped with a couple of markers that have already run out of ink (strange how people who discover that fail to go the extra mile and make replacements) along with a worn out duster. Not forgetting the marks of previously drawn diagrams that have been etched permanently as nobody bothered to erase those away. One thing’s for sure though – standard whiteboards have no security feature at all, so whatever million dollar idea you have on there is free game for everyone else to copy. Panasonic thinks otherwise though, and will roll out a couple of electronic whiteboards in half a dozen models when January 20 rolls around. Users are able to set passwords by manipulating the LCD display on the main unit so that not everybody will be able to access whatever you have written down.

This password will also prevent data from being printed or transferred over to a USB flash drive, and the LCD display itself is smart enough to display an alert whenever one fails to clear data on the whiteboard once the reading process is over. Interested folks can choose from a film-board type that can be hung from a wall, while the steel board-type allows one to post traditional documents on it using magnets. Data from the whiteboard can be transferred directly to the computer via a USB cable.

The film board models hold a slight advantage as their reading performance has been improved to make unclear letters more legible and accurate compared to its predecessors. This improvement does somewhat reduce the need to trace unclear and unreadable letters with a marker. You can choose from the UB-5838C and UB-5338C film board-type models, while the steel board-type comes in the form of UB-2828C, UB-2328C, UB-2828 and UB-2328. Prices range from $2,020 to $3,123.

Source: Tech-On