The Plug-In Thermostat keeps your space heater accurate

Things like space heaters and window air conditioners usually have their own built-in thermostat.  However, since it’s built into the device itself, it’s never going to accurately read the room’s temperature.  It may be almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit in that corner, but the rest of the room could be a cool 70 degrees.  That doesn’t matter though, because it’ll kick off anyway.  Yes, you could set it to a higher temperature and try to guess how warm it will need to be according to the heater in order to get it warm enough elsewhere.  However, you could also pick up this handy plug-in thermostat and get an accurate reading.

It will work for not only space heaters and air conditioners, but ventilation fans as well.  You could also hook it up to a space heater to make sure your pipes don’t freeze while you’re away.  The Plug-In Thermostat would end up working better, because it can be set up to read the temperature away from the space heater or whatever else you might want to hook it up to.  The thermostat comes with a 8′ power cord and will cost you $49.95.

Source: Bookofjoe