The comfortable and earth-friendly Bamboo Lap Table

Laptop tables to sit directly on your lap do a great job of diffusing the heat generated by your laptop.  However, a lot of them are just hard flat surfaces, so they aren’t the most comfortable to sit on your lap.  This particular lap table looks surprisingly comfortable and it offers a little versatility so that you can get more use out of the product.  The major perk is that this table offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the other tables.

The table features a bamboo plywood top and a hemp/organic cotton canvas sack that is filled with buckwheat hulls.  The sack molds to your legs, so it would sit more comfortably and wouldn’t shift around as much.  The lap table can also be flipped over onto its adjustable furniture grade rubber stoppers.  Once it’s flipped over you could use it as a seat on the floor, or something to add more cushion when you’re stuck sitting in an uncomfortable chair.  It comes in eclipse (black) as well as monk (a honeyed-brown).  You can purchase it for $98.

Source: ChipChick