Social networking takes a twist with Poken


Most youth of today will probably wonder just how their parents and grandparents remained in contact with one another back during their younger, carefree days. After all, I certainly grew up in an era where you called a friend by running over to his house and not over a phone, much less a cell phone since those things weren’t mainstream yet (and only super rich businessmen carried them in one huge, suitcase-like box). As for today’s youth, well they have a myriad of methods to keep in touch with one another, often updating and exchanging information faster than ever. What is this Poken that we at Coolest Gadgets are sharing with you today? Read on after the jump to find out more.

This is a keyring-friendly USB device that allows you to exchange important contact details in a jiffy – all you need to do is pull out your Poken and have it ‘high five’ another Poken, which is obviously in custody of the person whom you want to exchange contact information with. RF technology is involved in transferring details between both devices, so the next time you log on to your Poken site, both your profiles will be updated. At least you know the person you’re linked to is real, unlike dozens of fake profiles you find on social networking sites these days.

The Poken is a snap to use – all you need to do is plug it into your USB port and you’re good to go. Each empty Poken can store up to 64 contacts, and whenever you approach its maximum capacity, an orange light will alert you to upload all contacts before you continue scouring around for folks with Pokens attached to their keys. On the Poken site, you are able to view your contacts alphabetically or chronologically. Choose from alien, bee, panda and voodoo personalities – all of them retail for £12.95 a pop. Now the sad thing is, how many people do you know own one of these?

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