Nokia patent application shows strange Communicator design

Nokia has been playing their cards close to their chest most of the time when it comes to cell phone releases, as their designs tend to lean towards the safe side of things. Well, good thing the Finnish telecommunications company is going the extra mile to come up with a potentially groundbreaking design in the future, if what we see above in a recent patent application goes through to the manufacturing process. This completely weird four-way folding Communicator is full of hinges, keys and pixels that consists of “at least four device parts,” making us wonder what those parts are exactly. What do you think Nokia is up to?

Source: Engadget

7 thoughts on “Nokia patent application shows strange Communicator design”

  1. i’m guessing it means you can fold it both ways just not into one tiny ‘quarter’.

    part 22 is disjointed for some reaon..and owing that they’re not congruent shapes might make it a little harder to ‘fold’..maybe^^

  2. Hmmm…this looks like a design I’ve had in my head for some time, for a flight sim monitor. Real nerds on the flight sim scene will use upwards of half a dozen monitors for their 737 mock-ups. However, if you’re “flying” a fighter, you need all-round vision. Currently that is done by flicking a button on the joystick to index your view around on your monitor. Imagine each of the panels in the drawing is a monitor that shows views from the relevant angles in an aircraft cockpit. The same could apply to any simulator. In all probability, it’s nothing of the sort! But I’d really like to see such a device.

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