VisoBoard makes you more…visible

Want your business premise to stand out from the rest of the competition? Now that can be a tough question to answer, but not so if you have the help of the VisoBoard. At least that’s what the manufacturer claims, since it is able to speak out your deal at just a glance in order to attract the hundreds of passers-by at your store front each day. The VisoBoard is the modern chalkboard, and best of all is, you don’t have to deal with breathing in chalk dust while you’re, er, chalking out your latest offers. This is the perfect replacement for LED message boards, and each $379.99 (before tax) purchase comes with the following :-

  • One adapter
  • One battery mount
  • High Performance Cleaning Towel
  • Four Water-Based Fluorascent Markers
  • Free Shipping (USA Only)

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