The Stainless Steel Solar Garden Light

by Ally

When I picture garden lighting the first thing that always comes to mind are the cheap plastic lights that stick into the ground. Probably because that’s what most people use. They do what they are intended to do and they look great at night. However, during the day they look cheap and not even slightly aesthetically appealing. These would be especially bad for anyone that prefers their garden to reflect their love for modern décor. Thankfully, one vendor has an attractive stainless steel alternative.

It still has the perks of a solar garden light, but none of the tacky extras of cheap plastic. It has no wiring that needs to be hidden, all you will ever see is the sleek stainless steel casing and the look of frosted glass over the light itself. It would make a great accent to any home that is looking for an alternative way to brighten their garden. These are sold in packs of two for $24.99 from Kotula’s.

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