Supervision is Electronic Checkbook Balancer

by Mark R

Designer Eun-Gyeong Gwon has created a device known as the Supervision, a “financial management and electronic budget diary”. It should work very well for those who have a hard time balancing their checkbook.

The Supervision has the ability to scan and process receipts. It will also tabulate bank accounts, and it will let the user know his or her balance. I don’t see a screen on this device, so I’m not certain how it informs the user of this information.

Other than that, this is about all my source knows about this particular device, which is still a concept at this point. Since this is the day after Christmas, I’m sure some of you are wishing that you had a Supervision to help manage your flailing finances.

I would like to suggest a way to improve the Supervision. Make it so it can connect to your computer, so your recent purchases will show up on Quicken or Microsoft Money. However, most banks already have online access which can download account information to the aforementioned financial programs.

I can’t help but wonder how this Supervision scanner absorbs the information from the receipt. How does it know which number to tally? I’ve noticed that all my Wal-Mart receipts have a barcode at the bottom which usually gets scanned when I make a return, so maybe it should use this code.

Some of you might not think you need this, but if the Supervision is ever marketed, I’m sure there will be those who will wonder how they lived without it.


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