Dashboard Devices Carputer

by Mark R

Clearly, we are at the point where there are too many electronic devices in our cars. With all the highly advanced car stereos, GPS devices, and cellular phones that are out right now, it is about time someone just up and put a PC in the automobile.

I suppose that is what Dashboard Devices was thinking when they created the “Carputer”. This Entertainment and Navigation for Vehicles (ENV) device is actually a two-part system. The first part is the ENV-XC, with an Intel Core Duo processor, 1 Gbyte of RAM, 160 Gbyte hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual FM radios, optional satellite radio receiver, DVD-RW burner, plus GPS radio.

As for the second part, the user has a choice of the ENV-100, the ENV-50, or the ENV-50c. The ENV-100 is a double-DIN system, while ENV-50 and ENV-50c are single DIN. The difference between the 50 and the 50c is that the 50 has a motorized screen and the 50c has a detached screen.

There is no word on what operating system this Carputer will use, but it should be known that the company has given a heads up about the Carputer’s vulnerability to viruses. Let us hope that these Carputers don’t distract us from driving.

Dashboard Devices hopes to have the Carputer available by the summer time, at a price of about $2,700. Rumor has it that the company will put the Carputer on display at CES if you want to check it out in Vegas this January.


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