Cool overhead light teaches kids astronomy

by James

Kids love science and astronomy. Don’t think they don’t. So why not give them a leg up (or should I say head up) and get them this cool overhead light that also teaches your kid about the solar system and planetary rotation?

The main light itself acts as the sun, with the planets rotating around it thanks to a low power ceiling fan motor with teeth that turn each planet at different speeds. There’s also a CD which can be played that will teach kids about their solar system and a remote control with a built-in laser pointer for highlighting objects and other fun. The planets themselves are photo realistic in their depiction as well for even more accuracy. What’s really missing though is the ability to click on the remote and have each planet light up separately. It’d also be really cool if each had their own moons rotating around them, but considering that Jupiter has over 50, that’d be a tad tough.
But my real question is, did the creators put Pluto in it? Cause if they didn’t, that’s just wrong. I don’t care what some analy retentive astronomers say, Pluto is a planet, not some lame planet’oid.

Includes: Sun and planets, wires for planets, hardware, remote control, audio CD, instructions. Requires: 3 C batteries, 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Available from Urban Outfitters for about $50 (installation not included).

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