Mosquito-Repelling Barbecue Light


While you’re busy cooking a BBQ meal in your garden, why take the risk and be a meal for mosquitoes yourself? With the Mosquito-Repelling Barbecue Light, all those pesky blood-sucking insects won’t be able to come near to you as the device will create a 20 foot radius bite-free zone around you. It won’t use any chemicals to keep those bloodthirsty mosquitoes at bay, but will instead emit noises of an insect’s predator. No idea on just how effective this $39.98 gizmo is, but at least it offers light when dusk falls, bing clipped to the grill side or table. Heck, you can even leave it to stand alone if you want to. Best to purchase rechargeable batteries for this puppy since it consumes a quartet of D batteries to keep you bite-free.

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