Fusion CA-IP500: Next Generation of iPod Compatible Car Stereos?

by Mark R

It is not surprising that most new car models come complete with iPod compatibility on their stereos. However, most of these iPod compatible stereos usually just have a place to plug in the cable, which makes it awkward for the driver.

After all, many countries have laws that allow only hands-free phones, to prevent accidents from distraction. Yet what is more distracting for a driver than changing tracks on their iPod while behind the wheel? Another issue with this type of iPod cable set-up is theft. If a driver parks his or her car and leaves the iPod attached to the cable, it makes a tempting target for thieves.

I suppose this is why Fusion created the CA-IP500, which will literally swallow your iPod whole. This will allow the iPod playlist to be broadcasted through the car’s stereo system, and it can be accessed via the minimally distracting CA-IP500’s controls, which resemble iPod controls.

Other features include a dot-matrix OLED display, SRS Wos sound shaping, AM/FM tuner, 7-band equalizer, and it has a security code so only the driver can access his or her iPod. By the way, the CA-IP500 can also charge your iPod when it sits inside.

The CA-IP500 is priced at about $349, and is compatible with the iPod Touch Gen1 and Gen2, the iPod Classic Gen5, Gen6, Gen7, and the iPod Nano Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4.


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