Blast Knuckles will cover up that you punch like a sissy

by Ally

Admit it, anyone that glances at this product knows full well that they would do badly in a fight.  I of course want one too definitely don’t need this.  It’s a tragic thing knowing your upper body strength is so non-existent you couldn’t knock the wind out of a six year old asthmatic kid.  Of course we all have our excuses reasons as to why that’s the case.  However, you might want to consider finding a way to at least cause a little damage in the event that you’re being attacked.  I’m not at all sure how legal these Blast Knuckles are, but I’m sure they’ll get the job done.

Just put on the knuckles and flip the device on.  Then once you make contact with the other person they will receive a 950,000V electric shock that likely either stun or really make the other person angry.  Either way, at that point in the fight you should probably run away.  At least with 950,000V on your side the person you hit will never notice that you fight so poorly most schoolgirls could probably beat the snot out of you.  It does have a safety switch and separate trigger to make sure you don’t accidentally give yourself a jolt.  It also includes a holster and two lithium batteries.  You can pick up the Blast Knuckles for $50 a piece.

Source: Likecool

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