Bag TV lets you watch TV on your handbag

by Ally

Handbags have a tendency to be exceptionally expensive as it is.  Well at least these have an excuse to be pricey, they come with a TV built into them.  I’d say that’s a good enough reason to pay a few extra bucks.  Plus the bags themselves look fairly large, so if you like carrying around a lot of stuff, this bag will still allow for that.  Sadly, it might make your handbag more of a target, when it comes to thieves.  However, there’s a flap that hides the screen, so as long as you’re not watching it, no one has to know it’s there.

The LCD screen is 7” and you can buy either the set with the TV or just the handbag by itself.  The reason they offer it this way is so that you can have the bag in more than one color.  Like most handbags though, the one without the TV is still a bit pricey.  The bags come in seven different color combinations.  The handbags could easily pass for professional when you need them to be, but still casual at the same time.  The battery life for the TV will last you about 2.5 hours.  You can play DVDs, MP3s or pull images and music directly from your PC.  It also has an SD card slot available.  The set with the TV will cost you £295 or about $436.

Source: GadgetVenue

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