The Antique Brass Cross USB Drive

by Ally

I will give the creators credit for not making the cross a creepy shade of bright gold and not adding little crystals that cover the entire surface.  Instead they decided to add softer crystals (and very few at that) and then give the cross an antique brass look.  Somehow though, despite it’s attempt at an antique sheen, it’s probably still going to come off as cheesy when it’s hung around your neck.  However, if you’re insistent upon trying it, there is good news.  Whereas most wearable USB drives only have a tiny amount of storage, this one actually comes with 8GB.

You’re still going to look like a major dork with this hung around your neck, but at least they had the courtesy to pack it full of a decent amount of storage.  Most wearable USB drives I’ve seen only offer a whopping 1GB of storage.  However, they at least didn’t look quite as bad as this does.  So then comes the debate which is more important with your wearable USB drive, looks or functionality?  Of course you could also just get a plain USB drive that comes in a much wider variety of storage sizes.  You can pick this up for £15 or about $22 from Chinavasion.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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