FS25 USB Fingerprint Mifare Card Reader and Writer

Futronic Technology Company Limited has just made available its latest device, the FS25 USB Fingerprint Mifare Card Reader and Writer. When you realize that the FS25 is placed side by side with its previously launched FS82 USB Fingerprint ISO7816 Smart Card Reader and Writer, Futronic now offers a comprehensive solution of both contact and contact-less smart cards, accompanied by Fingerprint authentication for greater authentication and security as and when the need arises. Fingerprint readers are dime a dozen in the market, but let us take a look at the FS25 in greater detail right after the jump.

FS25 combines fingerprint “Match on Device” and ISO14443A Mifare card Reader and Writer into one compact device. It supports both 1KB and 4KB Mifare card and is perfect for real two-factors authentication, what you own(finger) is matched with what you carry(Mifare card), because fingerprint data can be stored to Mifare card.

At the time of authentication:
1. User shows the Mifare card and FS25 reads the fingerprint data stored in card.
2. User then puts finger and FS25 scans the fingerprint image.
3. FS25 matches the scanned fingerprint with the fingerprint data read from the Mifare card.
4. The matching result is sent to PC for authentication.

The whole process also has another added advantage – it does away with the possibility of privacy issues since you won’t need to store users’ fingerprint data anywhere in the system for future authentication. Futronic will offer the full software development kit to customers to make their own two-factor authentication application. In line with the rest of Futronic products, the FS25 measures 16mm x 24mm for its crown glass finger scanning window which is suitable for heavy duty usage without wearing out anytime soon. In addition, it features Live Finger Detection (LFD) function for spoof prevention.

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