SRS TruVolume featured in VIZIO 55″ XVT HDTV and HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


SRS Labs is no stranger to the world of surround sound, audio and voice technologies, and this time round they have included their SRS TruVolume feature into VIZIO’s new high-end 55″ XVT HDTV as well as the spanking new HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer. Just what is SRS TruVolume all about, anyway? For the layman, it is an advanced, intelligent volume control solution that delivers “a remarkable TV viewing experience by eliminating irritating fluctuations in volume all too common in today’s television broadcasts.” I know what they mean – normally, the shows that we view tend to be rather soft where audio is concerned, but come commercials, your speakers will be blasting. It is irritating, that’s for sure, and it is nice to see SRS Labs doing something about the situation for our betterment.

SRS TruVolume does not work like other automatic gain control solutions, as it takes a whole new approach of measuring, analyzing and controlling volume levels by utilizing principles determined by SRS’ extensive study of psychoacoustics. SRS TruVolume will rely on 20 frequency bands that is a close representation of the human hearing mechanism, and it will continuously monitor and adjust the audio signal level for a more consistent volume no matter what kinds of fluctuations it receives in an audio source. All you need to do is set the volume to your preferred level once and you’re good to go. The remote’s volume control knob/buttons will be less frequently used from then on, although I wonder what happens when you’re watching a horror movie where everything is silent, only for the protagonist to scream upon discovering a dead body. Will SRS TruVolume reduce the impact of that high-pitched scream?

The VIZIO 55″ XVT LCD HDTV and the HD Sound Bar with Wireless SubWoofer will be out next January, retailing for $1,999.99 and $349.99, respectively.

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