Nintendo really serious about getting you off the couch with Walk With Me

by Mark R

There is no doubt that Nintendo’s goal is to get gamers off their lazy butts. First it was Wii Sports, which required us to stand up and shake a stick at our screen. Then it was the WiiFit, where we stood on a white square and did various calisthenics.

Now the DS is continuing the Nintendo exercise craze with the introduction of Walk With Me. This fitness game comes with two pedometers or “activity meters” that can measure someone’s activity in one day.

After the user/player is done with their days activities, the information on the pedometers is wirelessly downloaded onto the DS. These activity meters are able to store data for as much as four users, so the entire family can enjoy the experience.

My source does not say what the gameplay is like, but there are a lot of mini-games. For example, a game called “Walk the World” will give the user geographical trivia every time he or she takes a certain amount of steps. I would imagine that the user would be able to keep some sort of exercise log, so that he or she can keep track of his or her weight loss.

Walk With Me is due to arrive in Europe in February 20, 2009. Let’s hope it begins a new age of physical fitness games for portable game consoles.


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