Drift Package Light R/C Drifting Car


Do you follow the Initial D manga series? That’s all about the art of drifting in Japan, and it has gained popularity and interest all over the world for quite some time already. Ever wished you could have a taste of drifting without risking life and limb? That’s now possible with the Drift Package Light R/C Drifting Car from ThinkGeek.

Now these Drift Package Light R/C Drifting Cars allow you to brush up on your drift racing skills in the comfort of your own living room. A special mechanism inside these cars varies the speed of all four wheels and causes them to automatically drift whenever you turn. Soon you’ll be slaloming and skidding around your entire house. The Drift Package Light Cars work great on a smooth floor, but surprisingly you can get some good fishtail action going on low pile carpet as well. Now all you need is some slick tires for your minivan and a big empty parking lot.

Take note that it will require a fair amount of snap-together assembly before you get started, and all instructions are in Japanese. Good thing there are clear enough pictures and steps accompanying each $49.99 purchase to get folks like me started.

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