The 6ft long R/C German King Tiger Tank

by Ally

Now this is a toy.  Not a toy you’d pick up for your kids necessarily, more a toy that you make the kids very angry when you tell them they’re forbidden to touch it.  Sure, it could be a nice bonding experience to let them stand next to you as your tank tows a full-sized car.  However, letting them take over the controls might be a difficult experience.  Especially considering the amount of power it has, it could easily tear up property if it were in the wrong hands.

The tank is a ¼-sized tank, it’s a 6ft long replica of a German King Tiger.  It’s powered by two 500 watt 24 volt motors.  Which can actually only pull a car on level ground, but it’s still impressive nonetheless.  It also features a 2ft long gun that has realistic recoil action.  The gun doesn’t work, but it does have built-in speakers which are meant to simulate the rumbling noise that tanks usually render.  The tank of course is a bit pricey though, you can pick it up for £6,600  or about $10,200 from the Mark 1 Tank Company.

Source: CrunchGear

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