After-Lite bulb is green


Want to do your bit for the environment? How about starting by changing all those lightbulbs around your home? The After-Lite is a plastic-based disc that hooks up to the bottom of an energy-saving light bulb, and whenever you turn your lights on, the disc will “charge up”. Turning your light off will allow the After-Lite disc to glow (much more brightly compared to those glow-in-the-dark stickers) to help you find your way around at night without spending a single penny on electricity. The After-Lite itself relies on a Crystal Energy Cell which can charge up within a few minutes, offering enough light to see what’s going on in a room. They’re currently designed for US-style energy saving lightbulbs, but you can do some tweaking to have them fit a modern UK style light bulb. The glow lasts for several hours, getting dimmer and dimmer, but it would be interesting to hold a romantic candlelight dinner with After-Lites sans candles.

Source: Envirogadget

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